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Complaints for phone number 1300 792 188

There are 4 reported complaints for phone number: 1300 792 188. Add your complaint

Fred Boulton
Wednesday, July 23 2014 06:37 AM
It looks like a scam I wont click the number. It says I am signed up for $10 so far $30. I dont see how they can get money from me. I have no credit on my phone as i only use it on wifi. I will report this to consumer affairs.
Sunday, July 20 2014 06:59 PM
I started receiving these messages from no where and I cant get to stop them what da hell
dj hates spam
Sunday, June 01 2014 04:01 AM
Ditto spam SMS create a draft all ready to send. Sending STOP will cost premium 19 call costs.
Wednesday, September 04 2013 08:44 AM
Everyday sending message to say you may win a Ipad, I clicked reply to STOP and then this signed me up to $10.00 weekly draw, trickery and deception. want this stopped

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