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Complaints for phone number 1300 627 831

There are 6 reported complaints for phone number: 1300 627 831. Add your complaint

Saturday, November 18 2017 11:55 PM
Got an automated call from an unknown number asking me to ring this number (1300627831) due to possible fraudulent activity. I instead rang the number listed on my card, and they told me no transactions had been flagged. I would suggest if you get this call - go through your official customer service number just in least you know to whom you're giving your information.
Sunday, August 10 2014 09:15 PM
That call came from the fraud department of my credit card company about a suspected transaction. I called them back to find out that there was an un-authorised transaction from my CC. The transaction got cancelled.
Friday, May 30 2014 07:22 PM
I am very suspicious as I just made a credit card payment on the internet and within 30 minutes got this automated phone voice saying from fraud department and wanting my date of birth. Did not give it and have no intentions of doing so. So please don't be fooled.
Thomas Cook
Thursday, February 20 2014 06:34 PM
automated phone number wanting personal details to verify credit card fraud
Sunday, February 02 2014 05:32 AM
I just recieved a call from this number, was a robot and said was the fraud department of my credit card company, please call back for details, I checked with my ccard branch and was a real call. The information asked at the beginning of the call was related with my personal details but no passwords or something like that was required
Friday, October 19 2012 06:27 PM
I've got a phone call said if I used my credit card recently please call 1300627831 to answer some identify question, said this number from my credit card company. While I called back, it asked me input my identify information, eg. date of birth, etc.

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