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Complaints for phone number 1300 558 829

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Wednesday, January 20 2016 06:13 PM
Received same letter today, has my right name, I have no debts this letter will be binned..
Thursday, March 19 2015 05:20 AM
Received the same letter today, text on the letter stated- Please phone us on 1300 558829 between 8:30am to 9:00pm Monday to Friday regarding an urgent matter. Looked like a scam to me so started searching and found this site. Given that I don't have any outstanding unpaid defaults on my CRA I wont be taking any notice of the letter
John Walker
Tuesday, February 10 2015 11:50 PM
Like all other complainants I received a very officious looking letter demanding that I ring this number On an urgent matter. Knowing I have no debts at all I checked this matter and have arrived at this site
Wednesday, September 10 2014 08:03 AM
Received sealed letter from them, got my name wrong but close...
Monday, September 08 2014 12:04 AM
I too received at least 2 letters from supposed baycorp asking me to pay a debt owed to Telstra from 7 years ago , which I might add I was in bankruptcy then and for 5 years after this . So don't know how I would have been allowed to purchase or ever sign up for a mobile phone ????? anyway they kept ringing me leaving messages on my mobile phone saying this is baycorp ring us in regards to and urgent matter ??? looked up the phone number is not correct one for them but got the Accor Hotels number for bookings in Perth WA ?? is this a scam going on in Australia ?? I have no debts to speak of as I pay cash and have done so since the bankruptcy from March 2006 . The people ringing me knew nothing about why they were ringing me to start off with then built up to me owing Telstra $25000 ??? how would someone run up a mobile bill for that amount and be allowed too ?? thank you to everyone here on this site as it seems I was not the only one being scammed .
Tuesday, September 02 2014 02:10 AM
Similar to most people here I received a letter from them with the correct last name but wrong first name (and gender) with a request to ring them but no further details.
Well thanks to everyone else here, the letter's wandered into the bin now.
Wednesday, August 27 2014 07:51 PM
Also received a letter as described by others yesterday, but decided not to respond after coming across this thread.

They had my surname correct but first name was incorrect (although very similar).

Quite how they got my details I'm not sure, we've only recently moved (6 months ago) to a new house and have shredded all letters etc.. that identify our names and addresses.
Friday, August 22 2014 02:28 AM
Yep, just got two letters, called them, quoted the number and then when they questioned the address I smelt a scam. They were quite polite and were happy for me to disregard their questions and ask my own although they chose not to answer.
I don't know what can be done but something needs to happen. These people tend to pray on the elderly and those who are not adept when it comes to 'official' looking letters.
Tuesday, August 19 2014 07:36 AM
Same as complaints above.
Tuesday, August 19 2014 12:29 AM
Today I received the same letter as everyone else below. Letter looks like a group certificate or pin number notification letter which you have to tear the side first to read. The letter addressed to Mrs not my first name but correct last name. Letter read:

"Please phone us on 1300 558 829 between 8:30am to 9:00pm Monday to Friday regarding an urgent matter.

Signed Customer Service"

I have no outstanding debt. It is definitely a scam! BEWARE! Don't call them back!
Larry Norman
Wednesday, July 23 2014 10:09 PM
This is reversal.I had same letter requesting I contact Baycorp re urgent matter.After checking I assumed was a scam too.Today I received phone call from Local Water Board about arrears for water bill totalling 172.55.I rang which I paid.They had been sending bill to vacant block of land which we had bought,ACCC advised me to ring Baycorp as listed on web,which I did and that was the water bill.Funnily enough the lady I talked to at Baycorp was same one that had rung regarding arrears From Water supplier.It doesn't do any harm Ringing Baycorps real office.Google Baycorps real website and Ring the number there.
Friday, July 18 2014 08:54 PM
These are scammers trying to suck out personal information about people through blind mailing.

Report them to the ACCC.
Tuesday, July 15 2014 09:47 PM
Received a letter the same as above, googled them,I have no outstanding debt ,They were close to baycorp but not close enough ,contacted my banks, they said all was good there, contacted scamwatch , told to Ignore these letters as they are onto them...lets hope they rot in hell. report this scam to accc the more reports on this scam the more weight wil be landed on them in court....
Di Price
Thursday, July 10 2014 03:34 AM
Received what looked like a Group Certificate today. Please phone regarding an urgent matter with this phone number.
Mrs T
Sunday, July 06 2014 10:38 PM
I have received multiple phone calls from baycorp re an outstanding debt that I don't have. They ask for all private info!
Be careful people. They sound like Australians too on the phone.
Tuesday, June 24 2014 05:33 AM
I too received sealed envelope.I googled Baycorp.Postal address and phone number are not same .Dont ring.I reported to accc.
Monday, May 19 2014 03:13 AM
Received the same Envelope as others below & I too have no Debt, the Numbers are close to Baycorp (Aust) Pty Limited, but none of the Numbers correlate to Baycorp's Numbers....I will not be calling the Phone Number, but I will be handing the Letter over to the Police.
Wednesday, April 09 2014 05:45 AM
Received a sealed letter with my name and address, asking to call this number regarding an urgent matter. With "signed customer service (20008710003211-PDL)" and Baycorp details at the bottom, yet no name or signature. Looked up baycorp and the last to digits were wrong. Beware of this scam
Monday, April 07 2014 11:00 PM
received letter. it is from Baycorp.
but i don't have debt. how come they find the right name and address?
Sunday, March 23 2014 10:27 PM
Received the letter. Googled Baycorp and see their phone number is 1 digit different. I hid my number and called it. They asked me to identify myself. I gave them the reference number and said they could identify me and I would confirm it is correct. She said no that I had to identify myself as I was calling her. I said well will it be the chicken or the egg....and she hung up on me.
Tuesday, January 21 2014 08:12 AM
I received a sealed envelope that had just Please phone us on 1300 558 829 between 8.30am to 9.00pm Monday to Friday regarding an urgent matter. Which after googling their phone number appears to be Baycorp. I do not have any outstanding debt. I think it is very unprofessional to not provide any information and be all fishy about things. Must be a scam of some sort to get business. Not a nice thing to do to someone who has a Domestic Violence issue with her ex. Nasty company.
Tuesday, December 17 2013 01:31 AM
Thanks guys. I received one a while ago (about 5 months back ) and another today saying exactly what's stated above. I too have no debts and am well untruly infront with all me bills etc.
will continue to ignore :)
Dianne Day
Monday, December 02 2013 01:38 AM
Same as others ... P & C letter requesting I call. I have not called as I have seen the info on this site. Thank you for the feedback people.
Sunday, November 17 2013 07:49 PM
also received a sealed Private and Confidential letter with my correct name and address..didn't know what it was about, had to ring 1300558829 as my mother passed away a while ago and atm going through dealings with solicitor and Comm Bank with will and probate and thought it had something about that. someone did answer and asked me if I was born in 1987, I said no, born in 1949..wouldn't tell me why and said must be the wrong address..Letter said it was Baycorp and now found out it was a debt collector, I have no debt in my life...they should get their facts right before they send out these letters, I am now scared and feel my privacy has gone..
Monday, October 21 2013 11:59 AM
Received a sealed Private and Confidential letter with my name and address with only an internal request to phone the above number regarding 'an urgent matter'. I have no debt - no credit cards, no loans. Rang the number,to hear message but they were closed. Now I won"t be calling them thanks to these posts.
Thursday, October 17 2013 02:56 AM
Received a sealed Private and Confidential letter with my correct name and address with only an internal request to phone the above number regarding 'an urgent matter'. I have no debt - no credit cards, no loans. Haven't rung the number, but company Baycorp (Aust) Pty Ltd exists according to ASIC. Would be very disconcerting to many people - I am sure it is a scam.
Not Sharon
Monday, October 14 2013 07:06 AM
Received a letter at my parents address with a name similar to mine but not mine. Said to call this number as a matter of urgency. I called it tonight and got an automated message, which did not identify the company I had called but asked me to call back during business hours. I then called the actual BayCorp phone number (1300 558 830) and got an automated message which told me to call back during business hours (and listed them) and identified the company as BayCorp.

Almost definitely a scam...
Monday, October 14 2013 03:34 AM
Received a sealed letter 14.10.2013 as per above two complaints, addressed to my married name which I have not used for several years. Thanks for your heads up Chris and Christian, I rang them from a payphone so they could not get my personal number but was told their number had been disconnected. I agree that it's some sort of scam as I don't have any outstanding debts. I did have a mild panic that I was going to be held accountable for some random debt incurred by my ex-husband so I'm angry about being put in that stressful situation too.
Tuesday, October 08 2013 04:30 PM
Received a sealed letter apparently from Baycorp:
'Please phone us on 1300 558 829 between 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM Monday to Friday regarding an urgent matter.

Signed Customer Service.

Note: the phone number is incorrect, yet the ACN is correct.

Beware a dodgy SCAM!!!
Tuesday, October 01 2013 01:58 AM
I've recieved two letters, one to my current address and one to my parents house from BAYCORP (a collection agency) with no details outher than the phone number and a refference number

I'm not aware of any outstanding debts, and I would have expected to recieve a letter first stating 'we have been contracted by xyz company to retrive $x' but I have not

The phone number, ACN and postal address check out as BAYCORP

This is, howerver, a phishing scam to gather more details on you - dont call them, dont quote the number!

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