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Complaints for phone number 04 2183 0231

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Rachelle Harris
Wednesday, October 07 2020 12:25 AM
A woman who merely SAYS without ANY evidence whatsoever that she is calling to represent the Animal Welfare calls me to demand a contribution to her ‘charity’ - now over the years I have donated to several charities here in Australia. All she says is her name is Debbie - and can’t even pronounce my first name correctly.

This is on an afternoon when the VERY last thing I would need is yet another PESKY phone call when I am just awake from an afternoon sleep because I have a very MAJOR health issue. These people are simply put, annoying and so selfish.

They should realise they are making very unsolicited phone calls to people in the privacy of their own homes without any evidence whatsoever that they are calling from reputable charities to demand various donations to the charities they merely SAY they are representing. Not even from the official offices of that charity they purport to be representing.

And it appears I am being terribly mean and very unfriendly when I do NOT request them to keep on calling me. Especially at moments when I am just waking up from a required afternoon rest.

I believe this phone call is clearly harassment.

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